Overview of Medicinal Products in UAE

The UAE has implemented strict procedures to control and regulate all imported or locally manufactured products in the domestic market. Product registration in Dubai, UAE is one of the most important processes in this regard, ensuring consumer safety and preventing the import of fake products that may put the safety, health, and hygiene of its population at risk.


To comply with regulations, every product, including cosmetics, food, and health-related items, must be registered with the Municipality of the respective emirates. The UAE prohibits the production, import, export, and marketing of personal care goods, food, cosmetics, and medicinal products that are not registered in accordance with regulations.


Product registration in Dubai is mandatory to streamline the import, manufacturing, and promotion of all products. The competent authority with which importers and local manufacturers must register their products is the Municipality of each emirate. This process ensures that the label on products conveys all the necessary information to consumers, and enables the government to assess whether the manufacturers or importers of products are complying with consumer safety standards.


Process of Products Registration with Dubai Municipality


The process of registering products with Dubai Municipality is the same as with other municipalities across the emirates. Businesses must register their products with the municipality of the same emirate where their trade license is issued. For example, if a business’s trade license is issued in Dubai, its products must be registered with Dubai Municipality. Once the registration is complete, the business can distribute its products across all the emirates in the UAE.


It is crucial to note that the same product or brand must be registered multiple times if it is available in different sizes, packaging, quality, and quantity. For example, if ABC syrup is available in 100 ml and 200 ml bottles, it must be registered multiple times based on quantity.


1. Register with the Municipality


The companies are required to register with the Municipality after ensuring that they have a valid license. The businesses need to submit a Products Registration Service Application to start the procedure and pay the registration fees. The company representative is required to fill the form for each product. The representative is also required to submit a copy of a valid label assessment of the product that that needs to be registered. The registration can be performed online only in Dubai through the website of the Municipality.

2. Completion of Registration


After submitting the necessary documents, Dubai Municipality will review the application and the validity of the submitted documents. If the Municipality is satisfied that the product complies with regulations, the product will be registered, and an electronic registration certificate will be automatically generated. The registration is valid for five years. In case of any objections, the applicant should provide a reply with relevant supporting documents.

3. Valid Licence


product registration in Dubai, UAE is a crucial process that ensures consumer safety and compliance with regulations. Businesses must ensure they have a valid license and comply with the registration process to distribute their products across the emirates in the UAE.

List of Products that must be registered in Dubai, UAE
List of Products that are banned in the UAE
  • Narcotic Drugs
  • Betel Leaves
  • Goods made in Israel
  • E-Cigarettes
  • Gambling-related products
List of Goods that are tagged with Restrictive Status
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Rough Diamonds
  • Media-related products
  • Products related to Nuclear Energy
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